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Welcome and happy new year to you all!

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You can find here anything you want to know about our shows, the last of which was : 


Only my love will last forever 


best set, best director , best play at the "Mai en scène 2016" festival- Drancy (93)-FRANCE



Licence 2-1087061

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The new play of Régis HERBUVEAUXOnly my love will last forever  has been awarded three times: best set, best director and best play at the "Mai en scène" Festival of Drancy (FRANCE).



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A co-writing project : Régis HERBUVEAUX and Brigitte SALINAS are writting a wacky and approximately magical  play! To follow





An original musical, "On a rainy night..."


script, lyrics, music by Régis HERBUVEAUX.


French playbill project ---------->