W@iting for George    



A funny romantic comedy about the dangers of online dating, virtual love and delusion.


A flamboyant, light-headed, mature widow: Pétula, desperately wants  to find love again. On a dating website, she gets to know a man, George, who she thinks might be the new love of her life.

But they never met in the real life. A date has been set... Today, Petula will finally meet George!

But to her surprise,  it's George's son, Benjamin who showed up with some bad news.

That odd couple will have to get to know each other while Petula is still waiting for George.

Published in France by Edilivre© 

ISBN : 9782332685315

Pictures from the French production of the play in Avignon



No news for that play at the time.


English adaption of the play will soon be available.