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A dark, wacky comedy with some songs too by Natalia FINTZEL


Georgina Bubbles, an old showgirl, tries to make a comeback at the Lazy Cat Club, owned by Serge, her gigolo lover.

But you can count on Irène VOGEL, the caustic gossip journalist to complicate and spice up things a little bit, especially because she may not be there, just for professional matters...

Running from September 14th

through October 28th 2017.

A gay dramedy by Régis HERBUVEAUX

Romeo and Julian, two newlyweds, are moving in their new appartement,  a « wedding gift » from Romeo’s mother, Juliet, because she has left to settle in Mexico, or so he says.

What Julian doesn’t know, is that she is in fact living in the appartement below…

On tour in France, soon.

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